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The Right Provider for You!

An article from tongue tie expert Dr. Ghaheri on picking the right provider for a lingual frenectomy
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Dr. Ghaheri

"I always respond that the tool that the provider is using for the procedure is far less important than their skill and understanding of how tongue tie affects breastfeeding."

It is scary to realize that you or your child may need to have a procedure completed. So frequently, we rely on referrals from others in the medical world to help you, as the patient, make the right decision. This is a great article to help empower you with the decision making process. Simply Communication works with several different frenectomy providers and is​ happy to help you navigate the process to find the right provider for you and your family.

Thanks for taking the time to learn a little more.  Drop us a line below or go here to schedule a call with us.

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