15 Signs & Symptoms of Airway Obstruction

Updated: May 11

1. Mouth breathing

2. Narrow nostrils

3. High/ narrow palate, dental crowding

4. Dark circles under the eyes (venous pooling)

5. Forward head posture

6. Tongue thrust/ forward swallow pattern

7. Reflux, digestive issues

8. Picky eating

9. Drooling

10. Constant stuffy nose

11. Persistent speech issues

12. Scalloped tongue

13. Sleep disordered breathing: mouth breathing, noisy breathing, snoring, teeth grinding, restless sleep, waking up during sleep, night terrors, nighttime enuresis (bed wetting)

14. Behavior issues, learning difficulties, diagnosis of ADHD

15. Emotional regulation issues, feelings of anxiety or depression

If you or your child exhibit any of the symptoms mentioned above, a myofunctional evaluation can help to identify the underlying issue and determine the best course of treatment to resolve symptoms and optimize growth and development.

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