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Airway Management Resource

Dr. Steven Olmos, DDS has written a fantastic book introducing airway management.  “Breathing is very important; how well we are able to breathe is closely related to the health of our entire body!”  

Doesn’t that sound simple?  Breathing affects our overall body!  On some level we all know this.  If we stop breathing, we recognize that this is bad.  We utilize breathing to help calm ourselves.  Breathing is a very important part of our everyday life.

Unfortunately, sleep breathing disorders are often missed, misdiagnosed,  or just not treated.  “Even though it is found in nearly 11% of the population, only about 20%... of these people are diagnosed and treated…”  In fact, often we find that the patient recognizes that sleep is an issue and so the patient ends up doing some self-treatment.  “Some patients will attempt to self-medicate, staving off their fatigue and stress with alcohol, tobacco, energy drinks, or energy pills, and using sleeping pills to try to sleep better.” 

According to Dr. Olmos, “Treating an airway disorder involves five key points: inflammation control, jaw joint correction, taking care of irritated muscles in the face, keeping the airway free of obstructions (such as swelling), and having a balanced diet that reduces inflammation.”

Not sure where to get started, come chat with us.  At Simply Communication, we can assist in keeping the airway free of obstructions and directly work with the structures and muscles of the face and the mouth.  We have a phenomenal team of professionals that we refer to in order to change breathing for each of our patients. 

Interested in reading more… you can get Dr. Olmos book right HERE.

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