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Breastfeeding Can Improve!

Dr. Bobby Ghaheri and Melissa Cole IBCLC, et al., have completed and published a study demonstrating a significant increase in successful breastfeeding after tongue and/or lip tie release. The truly incredible piece is that improvement was noted for mom and baby dyads where the baby had a tongue tie to the tip of the tongue as well as dyads where the baby had a posterior tongue tie. Further, improvement was found within one week to one month post release.

Working with a knowledgeable professional can be a critical factor when rectifying concerns were a breastfeeding relationship. A mom should not have pain when nursing. Baby should not need to be supplemented with the bottle if nursing is going well. Colicky behaviors and reflux symptoms should be indicators to professionals to look a little deeper into what the route cause is.

Thank you to Dr. Ghaheri and Ms. Cole for your excellent work.

Please read and share. Link to study: Breastfeeding Improvement Following Tongue-Tie and Lip-Tie

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