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Do Tonsils Grow Back?

Unfortunately, your tonsils and adenoids can grow back after an adenoidectomy or a tonsillectomy. The issue is that a lot of providers don’t talk about this as a possibility. Patients can be led to believe that once this is done, it will never be an issue again, and unfortunately that is not the case. While the chance of regrowth is small, the tonsil and adenoid tissue can still get inflamed and cause issues again with tissue inflammation. One of the common reasons that the inflammation will come back is because while the tissue was removed, the overall habit may not have been corrected. Frequently, mouth breathing requires nasal retraining so that the body can focus again on breathing through the nose rather than the continued habit of mouth breathing. Breathing is our most important function. If you are going to do surgery, make sure you address the whole picture and address the breathing component for the maximum success.

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