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Mealtime miseries...part 1

We all are becoming more and more aware of the good and the bad that is happening in our homes during these stay at home orders throughout the country.

Have you found yourself bribing your child consistently to eat “one more bite” of the healthy food before they get another snack? Have you slightly panicked because you are running low on pouches and your little one survives on these?  Do you feel like a short order cook- preparing a meal for each child and then a separate “adult” meal? 

It's time to evaluate if there is something more going on. If your child is coughing throughout mealtime or when drinking, spitting up frequently, has abnormal bowel movements, gags frequently, or has a limited diet, we can help. It may just be time to complete an in-depth feeding assessment.

A referral to a feeding specialist is appropriate when a parent has concerns about their child’s eating or drinking, or when the parent is having frequent frustration associated with mealtime. During the evaluation, you can determine if there is an underlying cause or contributing factor that is affecting mealtime. The assessment should include evaluating the child’s medical, behavioral, environmental, and social history as they directly impact mealtime, not to mention the overall mechanics needed to eat.

More frequently than not, a parent’s concerns and complaints of mealtime are founded and valid concerns but often dismissed. The earliest intervention can help to resolve and alleviate a child’s issues with feeding as well as prevent any problems from becoming significant future challenges.

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