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Mealtime miseries...part 3

Updated: May 5, 2020

With screens, there are times when the screen, be it a TV or a tablet, just make life easier. When it comes to mealtime, let the distraction be interaction. Socializing and soft music are great for meals and snacks. To have more successful mealtimes, avoid watching tv, playing with toys, or using other distractions during the meal.

Often times, the day just feels too short. Take advantage of mealtime to focus on part of your family life that is missing. Mealtime is a great time to build in language. You can play games such as “I spy”, “I have a number in my head…”, or build a story by each family member adding 1-2 words each turn. You can ask open ended questions about the day and have the time to listen to the response. You can comment about the flavors of the meal and pass compliments to the chef and the family on their positive behavior during the meal.

Mealtimes are social and best with great mealtime models. Take advantage of the time to interact and build a more positive mealtime.

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