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Mealtime miseries...part 4

Updated: May 7, 2020

Now here is a key recommendation for all ages, yep, all ages. Mealtime should be happening in a chair at a table. Sounds simple. Make sure that you are well supported in an appropriate size chair with a table or tray at the appropriate height. Whenever possible, children and adults should sit at the same table.

Depending on the age of the eater, supported positioning does look different. You’ve probably noticed that some people like to sit on the edge of their sit so their feet can reach the floor, some have a chair that has a supported tall back from them, and yet others are completely comfortable sitting on a bench. This recommendation does vary based on family situations, religions, resources, physical abilities, and ages. You may find that the highchair gets your child in a supported position, but they don’t want to sit there. Try taking the tray off and bringing them to the table instead. Depending on the situation at your home, a conversation with the correct therapist can help you create the correct accommodations.

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