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Mirror Play

Name: Floor Mirror

Ages: Birth and up

Therapy Categories: Core Strength, eye-hand coordination, language and listening, and Imitation

Babies love staring at faces from the very beginning. As the baby develops, take advantage of this fascination with faces to grow several critical areas of development. Make sure that you use an unbreakable mirror such as this mirror by Sassy. You can begin by using the mirror to target tummy time by letting baby look at their reflection in the mirror. While in tummy time, you can work on imitation skills by making faces, making silly sounds such as raspberries or beginning speech sounds, and inducing giggles and smiles. As baby gets stronger, you can use the mirror for imitating facial expressions, having baby identify body parts, and for helping baby develop self- awareness. Babies typically don’t realize that they are looking at themselves in the mirror until they are close to 9-months old.

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