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Dr. Lynn O. Lipskis

TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre of Chicago

Diplomat of the American Board of Craniofacial Pain and the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine

700 East Main Street Suite A

St. Charles



(630) 762-8700

We Are Here For You.
At the TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre of Chicago, we are committed to:

Listening to our patients and truly understanding what they need and what they want from our practice.
Earning each patient’s trust and respect through a direct and honest approach to all aspects of treatment.
Meeting or exceeding our patients’ expectations for their care and treatment.
Providing a comfortable and compassionate environment to serve our patients.
Using only the most modern and effective technology, treatments and materials available.
Staying current in continuing education, improving treatment for all patients regardless of their dental issues, and providing an exceptional level of care, far above industry standards.
Treatment protocols are non-invasive and reversible. Patients are often amazed at how simple the solution often appears. Dr. Lynn works with a team of professionals who share her passion for helping people in a holistic manner.

Dr. Edmund A. Lipskis

The Centre for Integrative Orthodontics

Board Certifications: – International Board of Orthodontics – American Board of Craniofacial Pain – American Board of Craniofacial Dental Sleep Medicine Fellowships: – International Association for Orthodontics – American Association of Functional Orthodontics – American Academy of Craniofacial Pain Additional Certifications and Awards: – International Board of Orthodontics – Master Senior Instructor Board of Directors: – American Board of Craniofacial Pain (Secretary) – American Academy of Craniofacial Pain

700 East Main Street Suite E

St. Charles



(630) 377-5600

Integrative Orthodontics Is a complex practice philosophy where we look at the entirety of your health - not just your teeth. Sometimes referred to as “airway focused” orthodontics, we take it a step further.

A growing mountain of scientific evidence says that there are no genes for crooked teeth. Our bodies are reacting to stressors caused by our modern diets, our lifestyles, and from our "industrial" environment. These adaptive responses have a genetic component to them, which is why families still share similar appearances. Crooked teeth and misaligned jaws are signs of significant issues that our brain and bodies are attempting to cope with. If we evaluate and address the negative changes in the way our faces (and ourselves as a whole) are developing, we can restore balance and eliminate deficiencies in the way our faces grow, the way our airways develop, and also allow teeth to align in the most ideal manner. That is some of what Integrative Orthodontics (IO) is about.

Melissa Schiff

Makana Breastfeeding


53 E. St. Charles Rd, Suite 107

Villa Park




Serveing families experiencing breastfeeding issues with in-home, office and virtual consults, to support you with your breastfeeding goals. No matter where you’re at in this journey, I’m happy to support you. BREASTFEEDING IS AWESOME, but some times it’s really hard! With Insurance Covering Most Consults At No Cost!

Dr. Dave Hanson & Dr. Dave Hopper

Hanson Family Chiropractic

D.C. & Webster Certified

1928 W. Wilson




(630) 230-6416

Hanson Family Chiropractic specializes in whole family care with an emphasis on pre-natal and pediatrics. We offer a natural and drug free approach by optimizing function within the nervous system through the power of safe and gentle chiropractic care.

Kevin L Boyd

Dentistry For Families and children

Dentistry For Families and children





Carrie Cicciu-Singer

CCS Pediatric Therapy & Family Wellness

Owner, Pediatric Physical Therapist

10 W Phillip Road, Suite 103

Vernon Hills




At CCS Pediatric Therapy & Family Wellness our goal is to focus on the wellness of the WHOLE family specializing in TMR. MNRI, Myofascial Release and a whole lot more. Our close-knit and collaborative group of seasoned therapist approach each child and family as if they were our own. Our experienced team of social work and physical, occupational, and speech therapists go beyond the traditional methods of therapy and think outside the box to assist with your child’s continued development and the needs of the whole family. We have partnered up with some very knowledgeable and talented individuals providing teen and adult physical therapy, adult psychotherapy incorporating exercise into sessions, and a speech and language therapist who is also a board-certified lactation consultant.

Milton Geivelis

Milton Geivelis D.D.S., M.S., LLC

DDS, MS, Diplomate American Academy of Periodontology

106 W. Bartlett Ave





At Milton Geivelis, DDS, MS, LLC our philosophy is to provide treatment to the whole person - with a special focus on how your teeth, gums and airway relate to your total body health. We want you to be confident that your smile achieves your goals for comfort, function and appearance. We're here to make that happen. Dr. Milton Geivelis is a Board Certified Specialist, whose practice is limited to Periodontics, Lip and tongue tie release and dental Implants. Dr. Geivelis believes that the most important people in our practice are our patients. He strives to deliver the highest quality care, utilizing the most up-to-date techniques and equipment, in the most comfortable and gentle manner possible.

Christopher Schaft



1055 West Bryn Mawr #F216





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