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Kirsten C.

“It has been a pleasure working with both these women! I find that they are knowledgeable and honest in recommendations. Both ladies are very accommodating to issues that arise. For example, Michelle recently had a baby and still took the time to assess my son and go over exercises and check wound healing for a tie revision. I cannot appreciate enough the time and individual care these ladies have given my family!.”


Michelle is very skilled at what she does. My husband and I enjoyed working with her with our son prior to and after tongue and lip tie releases in order for our child to overcome poor tongue function. She is very personable and also very reasonable in expectations. Michelle didn't require excessive appointments. She gave therapy exercises to do at home with our son in between appointments which helped us be more involved and help our son at home. ​Michelle prioritizes patients above business growth.

Reem FM

“Simply Communication is amazing – they recognized opportunities to improve my son’s speech from just a picture – yep- a picture of him sleeping and recognized that we could correct his sleep habits (open mouth) which would then impact his speech. We’re just beginning our journey and are looking forward to seeing advancements in his speech!.”

Susanna C

We want to thank you for guiding us and giving us hope this past year with our daughter. She has truly come a long way from her initial evaluation. You've always listened to our concerns and we have never felt brushed off or ignored. While addressing our concerns you manage to empower us as parents by educating us. A year ago we felt like our lives were out of control, helpless, and indecisive with everything. We couldn't even think about the future and would never have thought our daughter would have progressed as quickly as she did. We are very grateful to you.

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